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Let's be open about...

Prep - Year 2

Are you a parent or carer who wants to protect your kids from abuse?


Do you want to start early with conversations about safety, pleasure, and consent that set them up to be sexually safe and healthy adults?


It’s ALL possible, with Open Book Projects Relationships and Sexuality Program.

We will show you how!

Lots of people freak out a bit when they hear the words sex ed and kids in the same sentence. Honestly, I used to as well. Until I realised that age-appropriate sexuality education for littlies actually has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with setting the groundwork for later learning.


It’s the same with relationships, long before they even start thinking about dating they are learning all about being a good friend, sharing, and fairness (because your cup has more juice than mine right!).

Imagine how you would feel if...

You knew your kids could use protective behaviours to minimise the risk of abuse.

You knew that if something did happen your child would come to you first.

Your child understood how their body worked and was able to talk to you about it feeling safe and feeling hurt.

You could talk about relationships and sexuality with ease and confidence!

Research has shown that children who receive quality relationships and sexuality education from an early age make healthier life long decisions about their bodies, relationships, and boundaries. 


Is this something you would like for your children? 

Beginning your journey doesn’t have to mean drastic changes. In fact, once you understand what you need to talk about for this age group and how to talk about it in fun and shame-free ways you are already on your way. 

Perhaps you haven’t known where to start or are nervous you'll say the wrong thing? 

Are you struggling with the talking about child safety because you are a survivor?

"Each week gain the confidence to take on harder topics, learning along with your child"

Foundation - Year 2

Over the 10 weeks of Term 2 we  will cover a wide range of topics that meet the Australian Curriculum standards for this age group including:

  • Rules of touch

  • Public and private

  • Safe adults and tricky adults

  • Grooming and child safety

  • Practical skills to keep them safe and healthy

  • Identifying who their safety people are and why

  • Opening lines of communication with safe adults 

  • Learning about body parts

  • Body ownership and consent

  • Pornography and the internet

  • How we talk about bodies and the way they change and grow

  • Learning about their own and other’s feelings

  • Recognising how being unsafe feels in our bodies and hearts

  • Supporting developmentally appropriate understandings of pleasure that removes shame

Open Book Project.png

There are several ways that you and your child can work together to learn and implement protective behaviours in your home. Just like you taught them to cross the road or put a child lock on the cupboard, you now get to approach a new kind of safety – one that will be a life skill for both of you.

In the ten-week plans, each lesson builds on the learning from the previous week. 

Let's work together let's you choose 3 topics that you want to do family education on. To cater for the shorter attention span of this age group, the online lessons in the ‘Let’s work together’ plan and Unique Edition plan will go for 45 minutes followed by a 15-minute parent/carer discussion and question time.

Kids Reading Outdoor

At Open Book Projects we are passionate about relationships and sexuality and spend a lot of time learning about how that looks at different ages and stages.

In particular how consent looks and feels, because we want people to understand their right to be safe and to have the skills to support that. That also means that we are committed to the prevention of sexual abuse.

No child should experience harm and teaching them about the risks in a fun and empowering way is the best approach.

Are you ready to become an open book for your family?

Open Book Project’s Term 2 Relationships and Sexuality Program IS YOUR SOLUTION!!

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