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What we do

At Open Book Project we support you to have conversations about relationships and sexuality with children and young people, that focus on safety, pleasure, and respect. 

The world is a confusing place. Finding accurate and supportive sexuality information can be quite difficult. 


The truth is most of us didn't really receive any sexuality education growing up. Perhaps you were given a book with a stork on the cover, or awkwardly handed a bag of pads, you might have even gotten a talk that made the whole thing seem scary or weird?


At Open Book Project we know the messages you received about sexuality from your families, friends, media and more have shaped who you are today. And those messages impact how you talk to others about relationships and sexuality. 

We want to take the mystery out of relationships and sexuality education so you can be an open book and provide shame-free factual information that celebrates sexuality.

What we believe

  • Sexuality is an important aspect of holistic wellbeing

  • Sexual rights are human rights

  • Parents/carers are a child's first relationships and sexuality educator

  • Pleasure is for everyone and consent is essential

  • Ethical, respectful relationships are at the core of social justice

  • Schools play an important part in a child's social emotional development

  • Children have a right to be safe

  • Young people have a right to make mistakes

  • Sexuality education must be inclusive and explore gender and power dynamics

  • Online and offline are mutually constituted realities in the lives of young people

  • Pornography isn’t sexuality education for young people

Relationships and Sexuality Education can (and will) change the world

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