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Open Book Learning

Right now Term 2 for Australian schools and families is looking very different from what any of us could have imagined.


As we slow down and start to shift our ways of doing almost everything, new challenges and opportunities arise.


That's why this term Open Book Project will be be providing weekly online learning aligned to the Australian Curriculum (HPE stream) to learn the skills and strategies needed to raise sexually safe and healthy children - without having to leave home. 

Let's be open about... 

Each week we will open the book on an age-appropriate topic relating to sexuality that focuses on safety, pleasure, and respect.  With a range of subscription plans available, you can choose the best way to receive the information and skills you need to provide sex-positive, pleasure-centred, and comprehensive sexuality education at home. And while we guide you on the topics you get to open the book on more discussions that reinforce your family values.


The term starts with a parent/carer session to give you a chance to ask any questions about the program and receive information and ideas to help you support your child.


Please note: the term runs for 10 weeks starting on 27th April


  • Each plan offers a varying level of support so you can choose what works for you

  • You can always upgrade your plan or purchase additional support in the store (email, phone, video)

  • The lesson plans include all the information you need to confidently talk about and teach the topic, including suggested scripts, ways you can adapt it to suit your family values, and resources and activities to make learning fun.

  • You can learn everything you need to know to be an open book about sexuality - in your own time and from the comfort of home! 

  • All the lessons at Open Book Project are inclusive of the diversity of human relationships and sexuality.

Are you ready to choose a plan that's right for you?

Open Book Project started created learning plans for you at home when we realised that so many parents and carers were struggling with talking about relationships and sexuality.


We also knew that no schools were providing sexuality education that was ongoing and allowed families to adapt it to their own lives and values.  


It can be confusing for parents and carers and when you don’t know what to say or teach it's often easier to just avoid it or try to look for answers from friends (who are often as confused as we are!).

We’ve studied this problem for many years from a whole range of perspectives and have found the solution!

As a clinical sexologist and accredited sexuality educator, our founder Kerrin Bradfield has done the hard part for you and is sharing their knowledge, ideas, and activities with you so that you can raise sexually safe and healthy kids that understand and celebrate sexuality.

Most of their career has been focused on conversations about sexuality in some form or another. When Kerrin went back to study to complete a Masters of Sexology they were working towards being a sex therapist. Kerrin has trained under some of the best sexuality educators in the country and although they did work as a therapist for several years, education was the thing they were most committed too. So many therapy clients, singles and couples, needed education and sometimes quite basic education. More and more Kerrin was seeing the heartache and pain in adulthood that stemmed from a lack of early education about relationships and sexuality.

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